Amiri Carpets

Before Simon and I started working together formally, he’d mentioned something or the other about an Afghan Carpet business he was looking into.

I really didn’t pay attention… Carpet shop? Who Me?

Anyway, after we started working together, he raised it again and suggested that I meet with Ahmad, an Afghani immigrant to discuss the idea.

Basically, what had transpired is that Simon had been invited to some sort of local group where new entrepreneurial arrivals to Australia could meet with local business people and pitch ideas.

The intention is that these local business people would act as mentors and help them get established and set up companies.

Simon heard a bunch of pitches (most to do with food) and was immediately drawn to Ahmad’s idea of leveraging his family’s carpet store in Kabul to help them sell online.

The store has been operating for over 40 years and sources handmade rugs and carpets from all over Afghanistan. Impressive!

Here’s a picture of the actual store …

amiri carpets store in Kabul

And a shot of some of the carpets inside …

amiri afghan carpets rugs

So, Simon and I decided to help out and we’ve set up a Shopify store for Ahmad that specialises in handmade Afghan rugs and carpets.

The online store is being run out of Brisbane but all of the products are shipped from Kabul via DHL.

Pretty neat, huh?

We wish Ahmad and his family the best of luck :)

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Interesting Clients

I’ve been a couple of months now since Simon and I merged our consulting businesses into Those Digital Guys. We’re trading as for the time being because:

  1. Simon’s site also ranks really well for out keywords in Brisbane
  2. We are waaaaay too busy to focus on building another brand right now ;)

Things have been going well. Really well in fact.

We’ve already hired a few people and are working with some really interesting clients, including:


TalentVine is a recruitment marketplace. Basically, what this means is that they make outsourced recruitment affordable, transparent and simple. Employers get to piggy-back off the time and costs that have already been invested into hiring similar roles. Screen reader support enabled. It’s a really interesting startup that is kicking some goals.


DoseMe is another facinating startup we’ve been working with. They are a precision dosing software platform. We’re doing some really interesting lead generation and marketing automation work with them. Their free vancomycin dosing calculator is a great example of innovative content marketing (thing bigger than boring blogs!)

Knauf Insulation

Knauf is one fastest growing and most respected names in insulation worldwide. We are assisting them with digital marketing for Knauf Australia, Knauf New Zealand, Earthwool Insulation Australia and Earthwool Glasswool New Zealand.


Femplay Australia was launched in December 2002 and has quickly become Australia’s most popular online adult store for females and couples. We’re assisting with digital marketing, SEO, SEM and PCC.

Mango Solutions

Mango Solutions provide complex data analysis solutions, consulting, training, and application development for some of the most well-known companies in the world. We’re assisting them with SEO and SEM.


Hassalls is the leading resource provider of independent asset valuation and disposal services in the Australian resources sector. We are providing them with SEO, SEM, digital marketing and enewsletter support.

All Fix Plumbing

Allfix Plumbing is an emergency plumber in Brisbane providing good service in an industry that isn’t renowned for great customer care. We are helping the owner, James, to build his online profile with SEO and SEM.

True Me

True Me is the next generation in heat styling tools developed by the people who originally founded GHD and Cloud Nine.

My Health Explained

My Health Explained is an innovative online personalised diabetes program created by world-renowned endocrinologst and diabetes expert Dr Sultan Linjawi. I’m a big believer in this.

These are just some of the diverse companies we are assisting to build their digital presence.

Drop us a line if we can help out :)


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The Daily Spin

Well it’s been a while since I updated this blog, and a lot has happened since.

I’ve moved away from hardcore dev and back into the marketing world. However, I’m focused on technical marketing, including data analytics, so I get to use Python quite a bit now.

One thing that hasn’t changed is my passion for cycling. I’m still regularly pumping out 250km+ per week, and loving every minute of it.

while I’m interested in it, I suck at keeping up to date with cycling news. There’s just too many great publications to keep on top of and, often, the content I want is buried deep. My favourite source of cycling news is Cycling Tips but I still find it hard to keep on top of their great content.

So, over the weekend I decided to build a web app that aggregates cycling news from all the top global publications to make it easy to find the content that I’m interested in. This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time, so I just fucking did it!

The site is called The Daily Spin (.co I’m afraid) and it currently aggregates news, articles and reviews from about 15 different sources. Articles are pushed into Elasticsearch and indexed to make searching across topics and publications really simple. The index is updated every 15 minutes so it’s pretty current.

It’s meant to make it easy to browse great cycling content.

Currently you can just browse by keywords and categories but I’m considering functionality such as, trending topics, trending articles, suggestions, upvoting/downvoting content etc, following topics etc.

Let me know your thoughts! It’s a very early alpha product but (so far) it seems pretty robust.

The tech stack is:

  • Django 2
  • Python 3.6
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis
  • Postgres

Ride on!


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Vapor - Swift Web Framework

swift vapor web framework

I’ve been keeping an eye out for projects looking to develop robust web frameworks in open source Swift.

A week or so ago I stumbled on the very promising Vapor - a Laravel inspired web framework written in Swift. Check it out and star the repo.

You can build a basic Vapor web app really easily using this installer I wrote over the weekend.

Download the binary from the repo, add it to your $PATH enter vapor new ProjectName at the command line (OSX or Linux) and there you have it - a blazingly fast Swift web app.

Happy coding.


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Perfect Server, Swift and Ubuntu with Vagrant

The open sourcing of Swift was a truly wonderful thing!

I’m really excited about the prospect of using Swift server side as it’s such a fun language to code in.

So, over the Christmas-New Year holidays I spent some time playing around with the very promising Perfect server on Ubuntu using Vagrant.

I’ve published this Vagrantfile for anyone who wants to play with a functional Swift webserver on Linux. :)

Happy coding!


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