Amiri Carpets

Before Simon and I started working together formally, he’d mentioned something or the other about an Afghan Carpet business he was looking into.

I really didn’t pay attention… Carpet shop? Who Me?

Anyway, after we started working together, he raised it again and suggested that I meet with Ahmad, an Afghani immigrant to discuss the idea.

Basically, what had transpired is that Simon had been invited to some sort of local group where new entrepreneurial arrivals to Australia could meet with local business people and pitch ideas.

The intention is that these local business people would act as mentors and help them get established and set up companies.

Simon heard a bunch of pitches (most to do with food) and was immediately drawn to Ahmad’s idea of leveraging his family’s carpet store in Kabul to help them sell online.

The store has been operating for over 40 years and sources handmade rugs and carpets from all over Afghanistan. Impressive!

Here’s a picture of the actual store …

amiri carpets store in Kabul

And a shot of some of the carpets inside …

amiri afghan carpets rugs

So, Simon and I decided to help out and we’ve set up a Shopify store for Ahmad that specialises in handmade Afghan rugs and carpets.

The online store is being run out of Brisbane but all of the products are shipped from Kabul via DHL.

Pretty neat, huh?

We wish Ahmad and his family the best of luck :)